Camps for Kids

Unleash the Fun of Learning French!

Embark on a journey of discovery and adventure with Alliance Française Calgary's Camps for kids! Our interactive and immersive program takes children on a voyage through French culture and language, while developing confidence in speaking and writing French in an immersive environment. Each day includes language classes in the morning and a unique blend of fun, cultural activities in the afternoon.

Our camps are designed for kids between the age of 7 and 10, and all levels of proficiency are welcome. Join us on this exciting journey of exploration and language learning!

Each week features a new and engaging theme.

Our instructors are certified and experienced in teaching French, providing expert guidance in the language and culture. 

To ensure efficient learning and individual attention, groups are limited to 12 students, while afternoon activities take place in larger groups to allow for diverse social interactions and cultural experiences.

We understand the importance of flexibility for working parents, which is why we offer extended hours for your convenience.

Daily schedule

At Alliance Française Calgary's camp, students are welcomed at 8:30AM every morning at our cSpace campus located at #350, 1721 29th Ave SW. Parents can pick up their children between 4:30PM and 5PM. For parents with scheduling constraints, please contact our team to discuss alternative pick-up arrangements for a fee.

Every morning, Monday to Friday, our certified French teachers lead interactive activities aimed at developing students' French language skills in an enriched learning environment. Our programs encourage socialization in French to help students reach their full potential.

Each afternoon, we offer a variety of fun and engaging activities that align with the weekly theme, providing a well-rounded and enjoyable learning experience. These activities may be conducted in French or English.

Monday to Friday 

8:30 to 9:00 a.m. - Drop-off hours
9:00 to 12:00 p.m. - French Classes
12:00 to 1:00 p.m. - Lunch*
1:00 to 4:30 p.m. - Activities
4:30 to 5:00 p.m. - Pick-up hours

*Note that each kid needs to bring his or her lunch.

Weekly themed learning experience

Les Jeux Olympiques

From July 8th to 12th

Paris 2024 is around the corner so dive into an unforgettable summer adventure filled with sports, friendship, and fun! This camp will provide a unique experience where children can explore various sports while actively learning vocabulary related to body parts, sports, and nationalities, all centered around the exciting theme of the Olympics.

Talent Show

From July 15th to 19th

Welcome to the "Talent Show" Kids' French Summer Camp!

Throughout the camp, young participants will enjoy a variety of activities designed to enhance their French vocabulary. From learning colors, clothing and accessories to exploring terms related to different talents and performances, each day promises an exciting blend of language education and creative expression.

At the end of the week, kids will have the chance to shine on stage as they prepare and present their own talents, whether it's singing, dancing, acting, or showcasing other skills!


From July 22th to 26th

Join us for a summer of fun, friendship, and Pokémon exploration! Our camp is the ultimate destination for young trainers to catch 'em all – not just Pokémon, but also a treasure trove of French language skills. Through captivating activities and games, young trainers will explore a vibrant spectrum of colors, encounter a variety of Pokémon-inspired animals, discover elements, and dive into the realm of adjectives… Gotta learn 'em all at the Pokémon Adventure Camp!

Sous l'Océan

From July 29th to August 2nd

Throughout the camp, young marine enthusiasts will delve into the world of vibrant sea life, learning about maritime animals, their habitats, what they eat, and more. In the afternoons, our camp transforms into a magical underwater realm as kids recreate a maritime environment, bringing their newfound knowledge to life through creative and immersive activities.

Les Petits Sherlock

From August 12th to 16th

Step into the world Sherlock Holmes, where mystery and language learning unite for an unforgettable summer adventure! Young detectives are invited to unravel linguistic puzzles while honing their French skills in a thrilling, detective-themed environment. In the afternoons, our little investigators will don their detective hats and engage in hands-on activities, from crafting mystery stories to reenacting scenes in French.

Art Camp

From August 19th to 23th

A French summer immersion experience where creativity and language learning unite! Our camp is designed for kids who want to explore the world of art while expanding their French vocabulary and grammar. Each day brings a new artistic adventure, offering a perfect blend of language education and hands-on creative exploration. 

Back 2 School

From August 26th to 30th

A fun and interactive French refresher designed to ignite the joy of learning! Geared towards getting students ready for school, our camp will review French basics like greetings, basic grammar, and a touch of conjugation. Through playful games, activities, and crafts in the afternoons, we'll enhance communication skills and show your kid that learning French is an exciting adventure! Get ready for a week of laughter, discovery, and the delight of Back 2 School in the world of French!

At Alliance Française Calgary, we strive to accommodate all requests and create an inclusive learning environment for children of all proficiency levels. Depending on the number of registrations, we may place your child in a multi-level group. However, to ensure the quality of our program, morning classes are limited to 12 spots per group. In the afternoons, campers will participate in activities with a larger group of peers. To secure a spot for your child and ensure availability, we recommend enrolling early as our camps tend to fill up quickly in the spring.

Pricing & discounts

$480 for regular price for one week

All fees are covered by the Camps fees. Members get a discount on all of our camps.

$450 for AFC members for one week

Consider becoming a member first and find out more about the many benefits of being a member of Alliance Française thoughout the year.

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Additional Discounts

For AFC members ONLY

$25 off on second week if you register for more than one week at the same time (i.e. $425)
$25 off for second child if you register more than one child for the same week at the same time (i.e. $425)

Please call us to register to benefit from these special discounts - 403 245 5662 !

Registration process

Step 1

Complete and submit the Camp form below.


As per this document, a 20% admin fee is applied to any change to the registration (80% refund or transfer). No change nor refund will be given within 2 weeks before the first day of the camp.

Step 2

Sign up for the week of your choice: click HERE or directly with us at 403-245-5662. Please register at least one week before the start of the camp to ensure availability.

If you have any questions regarding our camps, do not hesitate to contact us at 403-245-5662 or at