Adult Classes

Group Classes

Complete beginner? Choose A1.1.

Unsure of your level? Get a FREE level assessment with Aymeric, our courses manager, and he will tell you which classes are available for your level. To get a callback from him, click here or phone him directly at 403-245-5662.


A1 - Beginner

From complete beginner A1.1 to A1.4.


A2 - Elementary

From A2.1 to A2.4 + grammar/conversation classes.


B1 - Intermediate

From B1.1 to B1.5 + grammar/conversation or cultural classes.


B2 - Advanced

From B2.1 to B2.10 + grammar/conversation or cultural classes.


C1 - Expert

From C1.1 to C1.12 + grammar/conversation or cultural classes.

Registration process

Step 1

Find your level! Complete beginners choose A1 then A1.1. If you know some French and don't know your level, fill in our FREE level assessment request for a quick callback or contact us directly over the phone!

Step 2

Based on your level, pick the class of your choice above and enroll online or contact us to enroll over the phone. Et voilà!

Please read our Terms and Conditions before enrolling in a class.

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Online or In-Person classes available.

Fast Progress: speaking in French from the very first lesson!

Small-Sized Groups: for more interaction and dedicated teaching time (up to 12 students).

Communicative Approach: immersed in French with interactive activities. Study French in a friendly atmosphere where learning French is efficient and fun.

A membership is required to join our standard group classes. AFC members get 10% off when enrolling as an early bird (one month before). Consider becoming a member first before purchasing your class!