Public Service Training

Preparation for the Government SLE test

Are you a Federal government employee, and you need to take the French as a Second Language Evaluation test soon? Do you need to reach either level B or C in French in order to progress in your career?

The Alliance Française Calgary has been offering French laning training to civil servants for over 50 years. All our instructors have experience in coaching federal public service employees for the SLE (Second Language Evaluation) and we have worked with many different government agencies.

There are three levels of proficiency for general second official language qualifications: A, B and C. We help students prepare for the 3 components to the SLE: Written Comprehension, Written Expression & Oral Proficiency to reach the BBB, CBC or CCC levels.

There are two options to meet your language goals:

  • You can join one of our group classes and improve your language skills with our standard method and our general curriculum within a group of up to 10 students. 

  • You can request private face-to-face training or private online classes with a flexible scheduling. You can choose to have classes once or twice a week or follow an intensive program (up to 5 hours of French per day). Lessons are tailored to your particular needs, and we can use the official program in addition to our own.

Contact us at or at 403-245-5662, and we will design a training plan suitable to your needs with a proposal!

Click HERE to find out how long we expect it to take to reach each level!

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