Public Service Training

Preparation for the SLE - Second Language Evaluation

Are you a Federal government employee, and you need to take the French as a Second Language Evaluation test soon? Do you need to reach either level B or C in French in order to progress in your career?

The Alliance Française Calgary has been offering French training to civil servants for over 50 years. Our instructors have experience in coaching federal public service employees for preparation of the SLE (Second Language Evaluation).

We help students prepare for the 3 components to the SLE: Written Comprehension, Written Expression & Oral Proficiency to reach the BBB, CBC or CCC levels. There are two options to start learning French:

Group classes

You can join one of our group classes and improve your language skills with our standard method and our general curriculum within a group of up to 12 students (online or in-person).

Private classes

You can request private training (online or in-person) with flexible scheduling. You can choose to have classes once or twice a week or follow an intensive program (up to 5 hours of French per day). Lessons are tailored to your particular needs, and we use the official program PFLS with the Objectifs de Formation.

The time required to meet your language goals depends on many factors including, but not limited to:

In order to provide a more accurate assessment of your tailored language training, please contact us. For reference, you should consider the following:

From beginner to level B

Instruction = 400 to 500 hours

Practice (with teacher and/or self-pratice) = 700 to 1,000 hours (homework, personal readings, watching movies...)

TOTAL = 1,000 to 1,500 hours

From level B to level C

Instruction = 200 to 250 hours

Practice (with teacher and/or self-pratice) = 400 to 500 hours (homework, personal readings, watching movies...)

TOTAL = 600 to 750 hours

Registration process

Step 1

Contact us at 403-245-5662 or to explain your objectives and tell us your preferred schedules.

Step 2

Our team will advise you on the best course of action for you, either enrolling in one of our group classes or creating a private custom program for your specific needs. 

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