TCF Canada

The Test de connaissance du Fran├žais (TCF) is a reliable instrument provided by France Education International for measuring your skills in French.  It is aimed at non-native French speakers who wish to assess and certify their level of proficiency in French in a simple and reliable fashion for: professional purposes, personal purposes or academic purposes. This certification is recognized by the French and Canadian governments.
This test is for individuals aged 16 and older. 

The TCF is composed of 4 modules: oral comprehension, written comprehension, oral expression and written expression.

4 compulsory tests (2H47) :

  • Reading comprehension - 60 minutes, 39 questions
  • Listening comprehension - 35 minutes, 39 questions
  • Written production - 60 minutes, dealing with 3 mandatory topics to be covered
  • Speaking - 12 minutes, dealing with 3 subjects

Important Information

The TCF exam will take place at Alliance Fran├žaise Calgary: #350, 1721 29th Ave SW, Calgary AB T2T 6T7.

The TCF is valid for 2 years from the date of examination. You may take the TCF as many times as you wish, with a mandatory waiting period of at least 30 days between 2 takes in any location.

Price of the exam: $390 for the Full exam. Please note that no refund or deferment is possible. Cancellations for climatic or personal reasons are not possible.

You will get results within 8 weeks. We do not have access to your results before the certificates are received at our centre. Certificates are to be collected from the examination centre where you took your test.

Certificates can be delivered by registered mail anywhere in Western Canada (Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba) for $20. Contact us at 403-245-5662 to ensure we have the right address for delivery.

By registering and paying for the examination, you agree to our Terms & Conditions and you certify that you have read all the necessary documents.

A few days before your exam, you will receive an official invitation with your schedule. It it essential you arrive at the time indicated on your invitation as you will not be granted access to the room after the examination starts.

The AFC is not grading the exam and cannot be held responsible for the results obtained by the candidate. If a candidate wants their test to be reassessed by France Education International, a fee of $70 will apply. This only applies to the Expression Ecrite or Expression Orale sections (i.e., $70 for each section). 

For information about which test is required for immigration, citizenship or other purposes, please inquire with the immigration services or the appropriate institution. Our employees do not have the training to answer those questions.

Registration Process

Step 1 - Selection of the Appropriate Test

Read all the above information to ensure the test you choose matches your needs. Remember, the Alliance Fran├žaise of Calgary and its staff are not liable for your test choice. For any doubts, consult the immigration services or a relevant authority.

Step 2 - Date Selection and Payment

Please choose your date and complete the payment process with a credit card. Note that your registration will be confirmed only after we receive both the payment and the form (Step 3). Refunds are not available.

To check availability for test dates and book your spot, click on the links provided below. If a payment option is visible on the next page, it indicates that spots are still available. After processing your payment, please return to this page to complete Step 3.

TCF Canada - 4 Mandatory Tests (computer) - Wednesday, December 13th - FULL

TCF Canada - 4 Mandatory Tests (computer) - Friday, January 12th ADD TO CART ADD TO CART

Step 3 - Detail Submission

Carefully fill out the provided TCF form below. Ensure all information is correct and complete. Along with the form, attach a copy of your identification document for verification purposes. Double-check all details before submission to avoid any delays in your registration process.


Step 4 - Registration Confirmation

Upon successful submission of your details and documentation, you will receive a confirmation email from the Alliance Fran├žaise of Calgary. If you don't receive this confirmation within a week, it's important to proactively reach out to AFC at 403-245-5662 to verify your registration status and resolve any potential issues.

Step 5 - Preparation (optional)

For effective exam preparation, consider training resources available on the Prepmyfuture platform, which offers comprehensive preparation for a fee of $45. To access these resources, click on 'PURCHASE A CODE' below. 


No refund or deferment is possible. Cancellations for climatic or personal reasons are not possible.  

Exam Day Guidelines

1. Timely check-In: Candidates must present a valid ID (passport, permanent resident card, or driverÔÇÖs license) and their schedule notification to the supervisor. Without valid ID, entry is denied. Late arrivals are not allowed, and there will be no refunds or deferments.

2. ID Verification and Documentation: Post-ID check, candidates sign necessary documents for each test and have an identification photo taken. They will then be requested to wait in the library area.

3. Entering Exam Room: Candidates will be guided to the exam room. Personal items like phones and watches must be stored away.

4. Pre-Test Briefing: The supervisor will provide final instructions.

5. Exam Format: The exam, including written and oral comprehension and written expression, is computer-based. Candidates should bring their own headphones for use with the laptop.

6. Exam Conduct: No exits or communication among candidates are allowed, except for medically documented emergencies. Latecomers will be denied entry.

7. Misconduct Consequences: Fraudulent or inappropriate behavior will result in immediate removal and potential future test bans, as decided by France Education International. 

8. Results Notification: Official certificates of results will be sent via email within 8 weeks post-exam.