TEF / TCF online preparation

Use an interactive platform to be prepared before your exam! 

More than 1500 exercises included in our TEF or TCF training with detailed explanations in both French and English.

Content of the training

This training covers all 5 TEF or TCF exams:
 Writing expression
 Lexique and structure
 Oral comprehension
 Writing comprehension
 Oral expression

Included Activities

1 TEF / TCF diagnostic
2 Official mock exams
Method sheets for every type of question
Grammar and vocabulary recaps
TEF activities and exercises to improve your score

Preparation in actual exam conditions

Replicates the TEF exam conditions
Audio recordings and scripts
A modern, easy to use interface

Course sheets and training

Course sheets covering each concept
Solving tips and techniques
Adaptative trainings for every course sheet

Full performance analysis

Auto-corrected exercises
Detailed explanations
Highlights your strength and weaknesses

TEF Preparation $45 TEF Preparation $45         TCF Preparation $45 TCF Preparation $45

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