Practice French!

Experience French culture and make new friends, all while practicing your French! Regularly using your French is essential for both becoming and remaining fluent. We offer a wide variety of fun cultural events to help our students and members reinforce what they’ve already learned and expand their knowledge of French culture. Meet our team and discover for yourself what makes the French culture so unique!

Uramado AR - Tanukis Awake

January 4th > March 31st

Discover the fantastic world of the Tanukis, spirits of the forest, in this unique Augmented Reality exhibition in the different levels at cSPACE. 

Photo Exhibition - Le Passage

January 3rd > February 28th

Don't miss your chance to own a piece of Alexandra Laurent's Le Passage exhibition, prices range from $80 to $120 depending on size. 

Soirée Loire

February 3rd

Discover the beautiful region of Pays de la Loire with Gwennolé!

Café Croissant

February 4th

Un café, un croissant, des gens, la vie! French Up Your Life with a breakfast à la française! FULL

Pub Night

February 8th

Make new friends in French at our monthly pub night! FULL.

Soirée Fashion with special Guest Peggy Frey

February 10th

Join us at cSPACE for a truly unique and unforgettable night dedicated to the world of fashion with journalist Peggy Frey.

Book Club - B2+ - Vers la beauté

February 14th

Join us to discuss the book "Vers la beauté" by David Foenkinos. 

Writing Workshop - La Dictée - levels A1 & A2

February 17th

Join us for a fun and interactive dictée session to improve your French spelling and grammar.

Learn French with TV Shows!

February 25th

Participating in a listening and speaking workshop focused on TV shows can help improve your comprehension skills.

Snowshoeing in French

February 26th

Experience the premier guided snowshoe adventure in Canada at world famous Sunshine Village Ski Resort! 

Trip to France - Bordeaux et sa region

April 16th

Travel to Bordeaux with the AFC team and experience full immersion in a French-speaking country!
Full! Contact us to be added to the waitlist!

La French Run is back!

September 17th

In 2023, participate in the second edition of this fun and very runnable course in the historical francophone neighbourhood of Calgary!