French for professionals

Embrace the challenge of learning French and expand your professional horizons! 

The beauty of language is that it can take you places you never thought possible! Imagine being able to speak French in your work-environment and unlocking new professional opportunities. This 8-week course will help you review French structures at the B levels and hone your language skills through activities designed for professional purposes. Embrace the challenge, stay motivated and make the most of opportunities to practice and immerse yourself in the language, you will reach fluency with dedication and consistent effort!

Above all, enjoy the journey with our engaging teacher! Learning French is an opportunity to expand your mind, explore new cultures, and discover new parts of yourself. With hard work and perseverance, you will be able to speak French with confidence and ease, opening doors to new opportunities both personally and professionally.

This class is ideal for busy professionals looking to refresh and improve their French language abilities! 

These classes are suitable for B levels (B1/B2).

These classes take place ONLINE for convenience with a maximum of 10 students.

8-week sessions of 1-hour classes with professional themes: Booste ta carrière!

Your teacher is also available to help you correct a one-page work document (CV, cover letter etc.).


If this level or schedule does not work for you, our other classes may also be of interest to you. Check our whole course offering here!