Ev@lang is a 100% online test. It is designed to assess users' French language skills accurately and quickly (35 minutes maximum).


EV@lang is perfect for:

students willing to find out their level prior to registering for
DELF-DALF or TEF exams;
guide employees toward a specific language course;
set up specific language training programs.

An instant result

Ev@lang allows users to obtain an accurate assessment of their French language ability as soon as the test has been completed. Users can print out a summary sheet of the test results.

Accuracy: providing inter-level results

Ev@lang is naturally based on the 6 language proficiency levels defined by the Common Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Ev@lang offers a subdivision of the 6 proficiency levels for more accuracy and effectiveness in forming language level groups:


Fast testing and immediate results: more efficiency

Ev@lang is adaptive: the algorithm analyses in real-time the response pattern of the first set of questions to select the most suitable second set of questions and so on. Thus, the test becomes progressively easier or more difficult by adapting to each different user’s profile.

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