Pratiquez le français!

Experience French culture and make new friends, while practicing your French! Regularly using your French is essential for both becoming and remaining fluent. We offer a wide variety of fun cultural events to help our students and members reinforce what they’ve already learned and expand their knowledge of French culture. Meet our team and discover for yourself what makes the French culture so unique!

Photography Exhibition - Once upon a time tomorrow.

May 17th > June 15th

Discover the intriguing and beautiful exhibition by French artist Chris Morin-Eitner at cSPACE. 

French Hike "Prairie Mountain"!

May 29th

What better way to speak French than hiking at Sulphur Mountain with AFC?

Pub Night

June 1st

Make new friends in French at our monthly pub night!

Soirée Fashion

June 3rd

Explore the Fashion World with Sigrid & Siham!

Kids Club

June 3rd

Every Friday, young students join the Kids Club (6 to 11 y.o.) for some amazing and engaging activities in French! FREE for the AFC members. 

Café Croissant

June 4th

Un café, un croissant, des gens, la vie! French Up Your Life with a breakfast à la française!

Workshop - Kids Art

June 4th

For all creative kids who want to feel inspired, spark their inner artist, and have fun in French!

Atelier Phonétique

June 7th

Improve your prononciation and oral expression in a fun way!

Ciné débat - Molière

June 8th

Enjoy a great French biopic about Moliere's life with us !

Meet Jamy Gourmaud

June 10th

Discover the world of science with French journalist and writer Jamy Gourmaud. 

Soirée Molière

June 10th

Celebrate 400 years of Molière with us!

Oh là l'art - Visit to the Contemporary Art Gallery

June 11th

Visit the Gallery and choose your favorite piece of art to present it in French later!

Yoga in French!

June 14th

Namasté en français! Join us for a fun session of Yoga in French!

Book Club - La femme de trente ans

June 15th

Discover this French classic "La femme de trente ans" of Honoré de Balzac

Oh là l'art! - Workshop

June 16th

With your chosen piece of art (from Contemporary Art Gallery or else), write your interpretation (alone or in duo) to introduce it to others during "Soirée Oh là l'art"! 

Soirée Maroc

June 17th

Discover the beautiful Francophone country Morocco with Siham! 

Book Club A2 -B1: Le Horla

June 17th

Join our amazing teacher Gaelle for our new book club for A2 - B1 levels. 

Open House - Special Kids & Teens

June 18th

Join us for our open house - special Teens & Kids ! 

Animated Colouring Workshop

June 18th

Join us for an animated colouring workshop for families

Fête de la musique avec Gatha

June 19th

Celebrate World Music Day with us and discover French artist Gatha

Soirée Oh là l'art!

June 24th

Listen to students introducing in duo or alone their favorite piece of art (from Contemporary Art Gallery or else) ! 

La French Run : Courir et découvrir Rouleauville!

Participate in a fun and very runnable course in the historical francophone neighbourhood of Calgary: