Pratiquez le français!

Experience French culture and make new friends, all while practicing your French! Regularly using your French is essential for both becoming and remaining fluent. We offer a wide variety of fun cultural events to help our students and members reinforce what they’ve already learned and expand their knowledge of French culture. Meet our team and discover for yourself what makes the French culture so unique!

Book club - L'avenir

August 17th

Discover the French Canadian novel "L'avenir" by Catherine Leroux 

Casino - We need your help!

August 23rd > August 24th

On August 23rd and 24th, help the AFC with its fundraising casino! 44 volunteers needed. 

Painting exhibition - L'imaginaire de Gisèle Villeneuve Imagined

September 1st > September 30th

Experience Alberta's largest celebration of arts through the new exhibition.

Open House

September 10th

Discover the many services and programs of Alliance Française!

Book club - Voyage au centre de la terre

September 14th

Discover the French classic "Voyage au centre de la terre" by Jules Verne 

Café Croissant

September 17th

Un café, un croissant, des gens, la vie! French Up Your Life with a breakfast à la française!

La French Run : Courir et découvrir Rouleauville!

September 18th

Participate in a fun and very runnable course in the historical francophone neighbourhood of Calgary:

Collage workshop - kids & teens

September 24th

Discover art and enjoy life by participating in this fun collage workshop (6-15 years old)!

Soirée Balzac - Wine & Cheese

September 30th

Learn more about the life of great French author Balzac and enjoy a nice evening with us!

Voyage à Bordeaux et sa region

April 16th

Travel to Bordeaux with the AFC team and experience full immersion in a French-speaking country!