Book Club 

Discover a Captivating Story in French!

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of French literature by joining our monthly Book Club. Our meeting on February 20th will focus on exploring the novel "Chalrotte" by David Foenkinos.

"Charlotte" by David Foenkinos is a compelling novel that chronicles the life of Charlotte Salomon, a German-Jewish artist born in 1917. Facing immense personal loss and the horrors of Nazism, Charlotte turns to art for solace. Despite early tragedies, including her mother's suicide, she attends the Berlin Fine Arts Academy, but must flee to France due to the rise of Hitler.

In France, she creates "Life? or Theatre?", a groundbreaking art series blending painting, music, and text, which becomes her legacy. Her life, however, is tragically cut short at 26 when she is captured and sent to Auschwitz. Foenkinos' novel is a poignant tribute to Salomon's brief yet impactful life, told in a lyrical and emotive style, capturing the essence of her struggle and creativity.

Please note that it is necessary to have read the book before the event. Members can borrow the book directly from our library.
The minimum level required is B2, but this event is also open to Francophones.


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