Wake up the spirits of the forest!

Travel into a mysterious and colorful universe with the exhibition Uramado AR at cSPACE. On different levels of the building, you will find Tanukis of all sizes, spirits of the forest. Participated in an a fabulous augmented reality treasure hunt by Julie Stephen Chheng, a French-Japanese designer, illustrator and author. The world of Uramado was created in 2019 by the artist in the form of an augmented reality exhibition that has traveled around the world! Find out who you are and leave with the mask of your spirit!

How does it work?

To wake up the Tanukis: 
1. Download the free application Uramado AR, Tanukis awake.
2. Grant access to your device's camera.
3. Aim your camera at the Tanukis.
4. Answer the questions on the application to find out your own spirit!

These fantastic creatures will interact with you, making you discovering your own spirit through questions available in 6 languages! The exhibition is FREE and open to all during cSPACE opening hours.