Student Testimonials

Hear what our students have to say about the Alliance Française of Calgary!

Our students come from many different walks of life and learn French for a wide variety of reasons. Hear their stories about what inspired them to start learning French, the difference knowing French has made in their lives and how they’ve found their experience with us!

Jolene Rempel | Design Specialist

"I fell in love with the French language while visiting Paris on a backpacking trip. After many years of unsuccessfully studying it on my own I discovered the Alliance Française of Calgary. Learning here has been such an incredible experience! All my teachers have been excellent, encouraging and patient. I’ve made amazing progress in less than a year and just passed the DELF A1 exam with great results!"

Carlos Aviles | Economist

"I’m very happy to be a member of the AFC because it represents an open window to a very fascinating culture and way of life. As we share common Latin roots we see the world differently, sharing the joy of life in a similar way. Each time I go through this window I feel very welcome and part of a community where we learn a new language while participating in multiple charming activities and enjoying world class gastronomy."

Annie Alexander | Audit Manager

“My first introduction to anything French was through the pastry. That was the beginning of the journey for me. After several futile attempts to self-learn, I decided to enroll with the Alliance Française of Calgary. The instructors are friendly, encouraging and very patient, no matter what your language level. The class size and the location is a huge advantage. I highly recommend them!”

Valerie S. | Film Technician

"I have now taken 4 courses with Alliance Française, and am looking forward to taking more. The instructors are very patient and encouraging, but will always try to challenge you enough to push yourself that much further. They also offer many events around French culture for you to meet new people and practice your French. A great and fun learning environment!"

Lee McDonald | Real Estate Agent

"I began my studies at AFC with the beginner classes and after 2 years, I became bilingual and passed the DELF B2 exam. The classes gave me structure and in addition to that, I regularly attended the cultural events which really cemented my knowledge of French. The teachers are exceptional and very passionate about what they do. Over the years we have become friends and I feel very much a part of the French community. I highly recommend AFC and I look forward to continuing my education, increasing my vocabulary and enjoying the cultural events with them."

Houman Mahallati | Doctor in Radiology

"My family and I have been students at the AFC for over a year. The teachers and staff have created an extended French "family" that is very warm and welcoming. They work hard to accomodate the varying needs of different types of students. They have shown patience and understanding far beyond what one expects from a "school". It is clear that the students' efforts are met with equal, if not greater, guidance and teaching on the part of AF. We have also been very fortunate to learn about AF Calgary's ability to help organize courses at Alliance Français abroad. They made it easy to spend 3 weeks in Nice learning and immersing ourselves in French language and culture."

Marcella Sarmento | Industrial Engineer

"I decided to attend a class at the Alliance Française of Calgary because I was struggling to write formal documents. During my writing classes, the teacher constantly emphasized the best way to express ourselves in different circumstances, which gave me more confidence to write by myself afterwards. I would say the Alliance Française of Calgary is not only a place to enhance your language skills, but also a great place to meet new people, enjoy cultural activities and share good moments."

Yooka Lee | Client Services and Research Coordinator

"I started taking classes at AFC one year ago. I took some French courses at different places but AFC is by far the best school. What I love about AFC is that the language is taught in conjunction with its rich culture and history of France. I strongly feel that learning a language in the context of its culture is more effective than just studying from textbooks. Also, AFC organizes fun cultural events where people can practice French and meet new people. I have made many friends by attending their events. If anybody is looking for a French course, this is THE place!! "

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