Tour of Rouleauville

Discover the historical French neighbourhood of Calgary.

Embark with your group on a visit of Rouleauville, a town founded by French settlers. A map is provided and our instructor will help you find the different landmarks of Rouleauville. An exciting treasure hunt available in French or in English! 

  Available from April to September (weather permitting!).

  Duration of the activity: 2 hours (walking tour of the Rouleauville neighbourhood).

  Suitable for students in grade 6 and higher.

  Meeting place: Rouleauville square (197 17th Ave SW).

  Fee: $150 for 1 to 8 students. Contact us if you have a bigger group.

  Available in French or in English.

  For more information and to check availability, contact our Courses Manager, Yulia, at


A bientôt à Rouleauville!

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