Summer Programs

July and August 2020


This summer, take advantage of our intensive weeks in French to brush up your language skills in a fun environment!

We offer intensive weeks for A1, A2 and B levels. Each level is available with different themes. You can choose to attend any week of your level or all of them as the material used each week will be different! All the material used in class will be provided by the teacher on the first day of class. 

an immersive environment: 3 hours of French Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.!

small groups to ensure efficient learning and individual attention

a fun and interactive program to develop your language skills

If you do not know your level, do not hesitate to request a Free level assessment!

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We also offer standard classes or grammar conversation classes this Summer!  You have many options to choose from when learning French with us!

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A Different Theme each Week

July 13th to 17th - A1 - Guide de survie

How to organize your first stay in France?

With this intensive week, you will learn the most important things to travel to France: how to introduce yourself, buy a croissant, order a coffee, ask for directions and even book a room on top of the Eiffel Tower. Why, you might ask? Pourquoi pas!
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August 10th to 14th - A1 - En forme!

Have you ever wondered “What should I do if I get sick when I’m travelling in France?”

Learn the basics of French through the themes of health, sport and well-being!
During this week you will learn how to express your likes and dislikes, describe the activities you like to practice and much more!
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July 20th to 24th - A2 - Vivre en France

If you would like to discover all aspects of French, this intensive week is just for you!

Discover the habits of French people, culture, food and architecture. Dive into the heart of the “terroir” and discover the richness of the different regions, away from the usual clichés!
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July 27th to 31st - A2 - C'est pas sorcier!

 "C'est pas sorcier!" means there is nothing magic (it's not witchcraft!). We will explore together scientific and technological progress (the world of robotics, Internet, old and new inventions...etc.) and we will talk about natural science and learn vocabulary about different topics. This week is all about what makes today's world different from the past.

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August 17th to 21st - A2 - Retour vers le futur!

Have you ever dreamed about travelling through time? 
Join us  this week to explore the past, the present and to imagine the future! 
Board our French DeLorean time machine (the car from the movies), fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the trip!

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July 13th to 17th - B1/B2 - tour du monde en français

We will explore the francophone world: its cultures, traditions and challenges and how one language can be influenced by its environment. Movies, documentaries and songs from all over the francophone world. All activities will relate to all the countries were French is considered as an official language. 

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July 20th to 24th - B1/B2 - revue de presse

Let's discuss a compilation of recent articles and various items such as videos, podcasts, online publications, etc. from a variety of francophone media. This week will be an excellent opportunity to examine the latest news, latest trend but also a comprehensive review of what happened throughout the year (it's not all about COVID-19! we promise!). Join us if you want to catch up or debate on what was the biggest fake news of the year!

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July 27th to 31st - B1/B2 - Tapis Rouge

Cinema lover? This week is for you! 
French movies have this Je ne sais quoi  that makes some of them huge international successes. 
Come to explore this universe full of history, great stories and glamour. 
Discover or rediscover famous actors and actresses, movies and festivals, in French! 

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August 10th to 14th - B1/B2 - Voyage Philo!

This week offers a great reflexion on about captivating topics such as :  beauty, the philosophy of learning, the revolution in fashion...etc. Divers documents like videos, movie, novels, articles... are leading to interesting conversations!

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August 17th to 21st - B1/B2 - Un peu d'humour

This week we will discover  French humorists but also explore the jokes and puns of the French language. We will laugh but also learn to use humor in daily conversations. A good week of fun awaits!

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August 24th to 28th - B1/B2 - Art et Culture

This week is all about art: cinema, painting, architecture, and music. From Picasso to Paul Cézanne, we will learn through a variety of activities how to talk about art. The objective of this booklet is to work on the 4 skills levels: listening, reading, speaking and writing by focusing on one topic: the art.

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