Sing along in French!!

The return of the French choir


On Monday, October 15th at 7:45PM, sing along in French for the return of the French choir at Alliance Française cSPACE by Calgary Accueil

No need to be fluent in French (beginners welcome if you do not mind being surrounded by French-speaking people)! On this date, you will meet with fellow singers and constitute the French choir. Then, you will meet every Mondays at the Alliance Française. You do not neet to be a confirmed singer as long as you like singing, you're in! What would you like to sing? Are you willing to commit to regular meetings? 

 This is a great way to meet new friends and learn how to sing French songs!

Do not be afraid of singing: the most important thing is to have fun, and to learn about French music.

This will be a FREE activity!


It is important for us to know how many people are attending our events so that we can prepare them appropriately. Thank you for your understanding! This event is organized by Calgary Accueil.

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