CETA negotiation model

On Saturday, August 29th, at 1:00 p.m. join the AFC team for a special event: CETA negotiation model!

You don't know what the CETA is? No panic!
Here is a little explanation and further information will come along. 

The CETA stands for Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement
the agreement that was signed between Canada and the European Union October 30th, 2016. 

We will provide information until the simulation, for you to have all the information and you will even get a short presentation before starting the event.

Here is the first document we share with you: 50 seconds to understand what the CETA is!

Here comes the second piece of information for you: a short video about CETA's purposes and issues!

Here comes the third video: a recap on the issues around the agreement. 

Read an article about the arbitration tribunals, their purposes, why they are criticised, here.

Read an article about the agriculture issues related to the agreement here.

Read an article about environmental issues around CETA, here.

Learn more about regulations, law and democracy within CETA, in this article.

Read the following articles to learn more about food issues, in this article or this one

Read the following article about why Canadians don't understand French fears about CETA, here.

On that date, what will happen? 

Just come having done a bit of research on the theme or having read the information provided on that page.
We will hold a role play: each of the participants will have a role based on real characters who have negotiated that treaty. You will be given a paper with all information you need to know to play your part. 

Why participate?

It is an excellent way to improve oral expression in French and to learn more about this important economic agreement that bounds Europe and Canada together!

Free event, don't miss the opportunity to train in French!


Your French journey starts here!

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