Cultural Recommendations 

by Loreleï

You want to stay tuned on French-speaking cultures and French language?
Then try the cultural suggestions below for the week of July 21st to July 28th.

NEWS - Literature

«  Ahmadou Kourouma »

Ahmadou Kourouma, the author of the famous book Le Soleil des Indépendances has a whole series of podcasts dedicated to him, his life between Ivory Coast and France, his work denouncing colonisation and post-decolonisation regimes in Africa.


NEWS - Arts

«  Cézanne, les maîtres et Zola  »

For those who were present for the online presentation on Zola, the French writer, you might remember about Cézanne, his best friend, a famous painter. Now is the time to learn more about him with this podcast.


NEWS - Museum and press

«  Le Vietnam, qui emprisonne des journalistes, crée un musée de la presse »

A new museum has opened its doors in Hanoï: a museum of press. In a country ranked at the 175th spot for its press freedom by Reporters without borders, this might surprise. Learn more about this museum with this article.


MUSIC - Travel

 «  Chansons sur ma drôle de ville #2 – Des vocalises à Venise »

Discover French singers while travelling! Each week, the newspaper Le Point, drives you to a new town to explore what French singers had to sing about it. This week is about Venice.


FILMS - Visit

Paris, de place en place – Des racines et des ailes

A film of about 2 hours long makes you discover Paris through its public squares. An occasion to learn more about Paris’ history and to visit it from your seat!


FILMS - Documentary

Les espionnes racontent: récit de femmes de l’ombre

A film about the true stories of females spies during the 20th century, in Paris, Washington, Moscow or Tel Aviv. An interesting and unusual perspective over the Cold War!


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