Rhetoric contest

Talk in French in public with a historical speech!

On Saturday, July 18th, at 11 a.m., express yourself in French with a speech that you will have chosen.

Choose your speech between the following texts that have marked French history. You can prepare the whole extract or only one paragraph.

Appel du 18 juin 1940 du général Charles de Gaulle

Contre la misère de Victor Hugo

Introduction à la présentation de la Constitution d'André Malraux

Contre la colonisation de Georges Clémenceau

La liberté des nègres d'Antoine-Pierre Augustin, chevalier de Piis

Discours à la jeunesse de Jean Jaurès

You will just have to choose one, to train to pronounce it - hearing or watching the original one might help - and to join us on that day! 

All contestants will be rewarded. 

All levels welcome, free event!
Please do not forget to register, so that we can get prepared.


Your French journey starts here!

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