Cultural Recommendations 

by Loreleï

You want to stay tuned on French-speaking cultures and French language?
Then try the cultural suggestions below for the week of July 14th to July 20th.

NEWS - Film

« Tout simplement noir, de Jean-Pascal Zadi et John Wax »

Discover this new French film about being Black in France, is there a ‘Black community? Do all French black people share the same experience? Shot in the form of a false documentary, it is definitely an entertaining movie, which considers important societal issues.


NEWS - History

« Il y a 80 ans, la Bataille d’Angleterre, épisode mythique de la Seconde Guerre mondiale »

A moment of history happened 80 years ago: England Battle during World War 2, in the airs. Discover an archive document and read this article to learn more about it.


NEWS - Language and society

« De l’art de bien parler ‘français’ »

This is an excellent and funny article from a French-Canadian author about the best way to make friends and meet some new people in France. It also helps you out understanding French people you are talking to!


NEWS - Arts and history

 « Un projet de loi sur la restitution d’œuvres d’art à l’Afrique examiné en conseil des ministres »

An important issue is raised in France: which pieces of arts have been stolen during colonisation and should be given back to the original countries? Learn more about this with the following article.


FILMS - Documentary

Secrets d’histoire – Les femmes de la Révolution

As we celebrate this week the French National Day (Bastille Day), this is the time to learn more about women during the French revolution! Take a look at this series of short videos about it (1-2 minutes per video).


FILMS - Children Documentary

Quelle Histoire – Voltaire

This short documentary (7 minutes long) will explain to your kids who Voltaire is. They will discover the famous philosopher, one of those who inspired the French revolution, with that lovely and colourful animated documentary.


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