cultural Recommendations 

by Loreleï

You want to stay tuned on French-speaking cultures and French language?
Then try the cultural suggestions below for the week of July 7th to July 13th.

NEWS - History

« Les combats de Victor Hugo résonnent encore aujourd’hui »

You might know that we are currently organising a rhetoric contest and one of the text we have chosen for the contestants, is an extract of Victor Hugo’s speech on misery. If the committed part of Victor Hugo’s work still stays unknown to you, don’t miss this little article, to have a recap of his fights, fights who still are actual societies issues today.  


NEWS - Culture and society

« Le difficile accès des afrodescendants au milieu des musées français »

Read this really interesting article about the representation and access of Black people to responsibilities in the French museums. In a country were racial statistics are forbidden, it is not always easy to get a good picture of where the Black community stands. But the issue is maybe more the conception of African arts in our modern museums and the lack of representativity of arts showing Black people…


NEWS - Music

« Célèbre pour ses musiques de film, le compositeur italien Ennio Morricone est mort »

Read this article to learn more about Ennio Morricone’s career and recent death


NEWS - Literature

« Ce que la littérature doit à Cheikh Hamidou Kane »

Have you ever heard about Cheikh Hamidou Kane? His book L’aventure ambiguë? If not, this is the time to learn a bit more about his book, recently chosen by an African literary Price: Le Grand Prix des Mécènes. The article does not only talk about the author, but also the context the book has been written in, the question it raised and its repercussions today.


BOOKS - Podcast

Le chat du rabbin, by Joann Sfar

Listen to those funny adventures of the cat of the rabbi (Jewish priest) by Joann Sfar, a French author. The rabbi wants the cat of his daughter to go away, but the cat refuses to leave, so to be in piece with the rabbi, he decides to convert to Judaism. A few episodes of around 25 minutes available in French!


BOOKS - Novel

Grand Café Martinique by Raphaël Confiant

A novel about the history of coffee in America up to Europe and more precisely France. A young noble with a plantation in the French Caribes must face a lot of dangers and enemies to cultivate coffee… A historical adventure!


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