cultural Recommendations 

by Loreleï

You want to stay tuned on French-speaking cultures and French language?
Then try the cultural suggestions below for the week of June 30th to July 6th.

NEWS - Society

« Vous les Kabyles, c’est pas pareil »

Do you know about the Kabyle people? Living mainly in Algeria, they have a different story from the one of the Arabs of the same country. A difference that directly causes a different experience of racism. It is what this article explores.


NEWS - Cinema

« Porter haut et fort la voix des femmes dans les cinémas d’Afrique »

An article that presents a round table that has been taking place online on June 22nd, regarding the presence of Woman in African movies. You can also find the link of the video of this debate in the article.


NEWS - Documentaries

« La couleur de l’âme »

Télé-Québec is releasing a series of documentaries starting July 1st about being black at Montreal. This article presents the project and the themes that are explored in these documentaries, especially the question of identity: African? Quebecois?



BOOKS - Comic

Drôles de femmes, by Julie Birmant and Catherine Meurisse

Discover French female entertainers through times with this comic book presenting their lives. A good way to learn more about French society and history and discover French comedians.


BOOKS - Novel

Les services compétents, by Iegor Gran

Discover this novel based in 1965 in USSR, when the KGB (political police) looks for a writer that publishes his fantastic novels in Western Europe though it is strictly forbidden. When he searches the house of the narrator’s parents, the KGB officer is surprised by the attitude of the women who puts in his arms her little baby while the search is ongoing.


FILMS - Kids movie

Discover this French movie about characters of a painting that have been abandoned by their creator as the painter has let his painting unfinished. A magical travel in arts and a poetic history.


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