La Fontaine's fables contest

Discover La Fontaine and express your creativity!

Multiple formats to participate, choose the one that fits you the best! 

One theme: La Fontaine's fables.
La Fontaine is a famous 17th century French writer,
whose fables were meant to amuse, critic and educate. 
Its characters were often animals, but also sometimes objects and humans.

Choose a La Fontaine's fable (it is a short poem telling a story).
Available online, for example Here or  Here

Choose one format: 

Write a short novel (1 to 6 pages)
Write a fable
Write and draw a comic (1-2 pages)
Make a short movie (with actors or animated)
Make a scale model 

Three age categories: 

Children 6-9
Children 9-14
Teens 15-18

To participate, send us per email your work (word/pdf/jpeg/png/mp4/avi) or send us the picture of your scale model, on that email adress until June 30th:

Be sure to precise your age, name and the school you come from!

The best pieces of arts or literature  will be displayed in the Alliance Française of Calgary and on our website. The winners of each categories will also receive a book or DVD and get a gift token at one of our partners in Calgary. 

Your French journey starts here!

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