cultural Recommendations 

by Loreleï

You want to stay tuned on French-speaking cultures and French language?
Then try the cultural suggestions below for the week of June 9th to 15th.

NEWS - Movies

« Sur vos écrans: des gagnants… et des gagnants »

Learn more about the Gala Cinéma Québec, where to watch the movies in competition and until when. Discover French-canadian movies!


NEWS - Museums

« Bordeaux: un centre d’art numérique dans une ancienne base sous-marine »

Discover a new kind of museums and expositions with this underwater museum in an ex-military-site. This museum based in Bordeaux offers an immersion in arts… and water.


NEWS - Travel

« Lettres de Venise »

Travel in Italy and learn more about Venice, the beautiful Italian city built in water, while staying at home, with a series of articles by L’actualité.


MOVIE - Documentary

USA, Black cowboys, la légende oubliée

 An unknown history of the US, that is what this documentary aims to make people discover; the one of the Black cowboys. Find out more in this 25 minutes long documentary.


MOVIE - Children documentary

Nelson Mandela, Quelle Histoire

If you have followed our previous recommendations, you must know by now this channel that releases short documentaries for children, about famous people. Today, we suggest you that video about Nelson Mandela.


BOOK - Children album

Yehunda, by Isabelle Wlodarczyk and Dani Torrent

Yehunda is the story of a little girl born a slave who befriends with the son of her master, in secret obviously. A cruel world seen through some children eyes.


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