cultural Recommendations 

by Loreleï

You want to stay tuned on French-speaking cultures and French language?
Then try the cultural suggestions below for the week of May 18th to 24th.

NEWS - Children Literature

« J.K. Rowling publie en ligne un conte pour distraire les enfants en confinement »

Maybe you’ve heard of it already: J.K. Rowling, the famous writer of Harry Potter has decided to release for free online a new history for kids. Learn more about it with this article.


NEWS - Cinema

« Le Gala Québec Cinéma en direct dans votre salon »

Discover the Québécois movie festival online and vote for your favourite film, this week!


NEWS - Music

« Camélia Jordana décrypte sa chanson hommage ‘’Freddie Gray’’ »

In 2018 the French singer Camélia Jordana released a song about police violence in the US. At a time when police violence is questioned in France too, discover the interview where she explained her song.


MUSIC  - Emission

La chaîne musicale

An emission animated by great French-canadian singers, who present their selection of songs and artists and talk about their memories and conception of music. Discover the shows presented by Bruno Pelletier, Diane Tell or Louis-Jean Cormier for example. 


BOOKS - Audio Book

Anne… La maison aux pignons verts, Lucy Maud Montgomery

You surely know about that book, originally written in English by a Canadian author. The story of a young orphan adopted by Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert on Prince Edward Island, with an amazing imagination. Well, you now have the chance to improve your French by listening to the story read in French!


MOVIE - Adult movie

La vie scolaire, by Grand Corps Malade and Mehdi Idir

La vie scolaire is a French movie describing the life of a young woman who arrives in the Parisian banlieues to start working in a middle school. A very interesting movie who tries to stay as true as possible to that world. Sometimes it is funny, most of the time kind of tragic. Grand Corps Malade is a French singer who slams usually. He was himself born in Parisian banlieue.

Available on Netflix.

MOVIES - Children documentary

"Louise Michel", Quelle Histoire

A documentary meant for kids. This episode is dedicated to Louise Michel, a woman who took part to a Parisian uprising, la Commune in 1871, at a moment when France was under Prussian control, was changing its political regime: going from an empire to a Republic. Make your children discover this unknown part of French history!


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