cultural Recommendations 

by Loreleï

You want to stay tuned on French-speaking cultures and French language?
Then try the cultural suggestions below for the week of May 18th to 24th.

NEWS - Music

« Lous and the Yakuza… dans la lumière »

Discover a French-speaking Belgian singer and her story in this interview of the artist, from her real name Marie-Pierre Kakoma. Her artist name Lous stands for Soul. She defines her music as a way of always seeking the truth.


NEWS - History

« Norvège : un bateau-tombe viking bientôt fouillé, une première depuis un siècle »

Another tomb viking ship has been found last year in Norway and the first tests and researches on it should start soon, because of its bad condition. The scientists and historians hope to found more information on the reason why such ships were buried and on the daily life of the Vikings.


NEWS - History

« Février 1944: la parodie de procès des résistants du groupe Manochian »

As you might have seen in our previous selections, Retronews is a special website that publishes articles that have been written long ago. Here is a compilation of the collaborationist newspapers in France in 1944 at the time a group of resistant men against Nazi-Germany, was executed. Learn and understand more about World War 2 in France.


MUSIC  - Ballet

Giselle : un ballet d’Adolphe Adam, Nathalie Dessay

Here is a CD for your children to discover a classical French ballet. They can hear extracts of the original music, and a famous opera French singer, Nathalie Dessay, tells the story. Giselle is a young farmer who falls in live with a young Duke, who loves her in return. But how could two persons from so different worlds live their love? A fantastic, dramatic love story.



La nuit est encore jeune, Catastrophe

A changing group of musicians, a great range of music styles, a variety of messages sometimes very clear and sometimes not… This is definitely a surprising CD and group. Don’t hesitate to check out to make your own opinion.


MUSIC - Film music

Celle que vous croyez, Ibrahim Maalouf

Ibrahim Maalouf is a famous French-Lebanese trumpetist and composer, born in 1980 in Lebanon. Even if you do not know the movie, you can enjoy the beautiful music he composed. The movie is about a woman who decides to create a fake social media account to spy on her lover’s activity online. But then she starts to become the fake character she has forged…


BOOKS - Adult novel

Maîtres et esclaves, by Paul Greveillac

The story takes place in China, five years after the end of World War 2. China is communist, still allied to URSS, and knowing the beginning of the cultural revolution that intends to transform the whole country and the people. Kewei is born at that time and becomes an official artist of the Communist Government. An interesting story that accompanies the whole transformation of China under communism and shows various aspects of the society.


BOOKS - Graphic Novel

L’incroyable histoire de la médecine, by Philippe Bercocivi and Jean-Noël Fabiani

A novel to discover the history of natural sciences and medicine since Prehistory and Antiquity until our modern days. Theories, big discoveries, famous scientists… Lots to learn about, while reading.


BOOKS - Kids book

Marianne, pilote d’avion, by Quentin Denoyelle ad Valentine Chapus-Gilbert

This is a book for kids to discover the daily life and the work of an airplane pilot. Follow Marianne in her day of work! For those who can’t quite read yet, there is a registered voice available, to listen to.


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