Europe Day


Today is Europe Day. What does it mean? It means it is the day we celebrate the creation of what has become the European Union! At the start, there was this “Schuman declaration” first stone to a united Europe, in 1950 on May 9th.

On this page, you will find suggestions to read, to watch, to listen to…

Enjoy it! And save your questions for our online Soirée on Europe, on May 20th!


This is a reference website for people interested in Europe. It explains everything about it in simple but complete articles! It also helps keeping tuned on European news! Take a look.


« L’histoire de l’Union européenne en 3 minutes », Toute l’Europe

You want to learn about the European Union’s history. Do it in a three minutes long article!


« L’Union européenne », Toute L’Europe

A very complete article that summarizes what European Union is, what its goals are how it works!



« 9 Mai : Journée de l’Europe », Lieu d’Europe

Listen to a hip-hop version of the European anthem!


Music Europe Day Live, European Union

Listen to a concert of artistes coming from all over Europe! On Facebook live.



“Qu’est-ce que l’Union européenne ? (vidéo) », Toute l’Europe

You don’t know exactly what the European Union (EU) is? Let’s summarize it for you!


« 2020, un double anniversaire pour le projet européen » Union européenne

If you already know about the EU and would like to discover more about its current situation, visit this website page. There is a long article about the subject, but you can also go to the bottom of the page to see the videos some European personalities have recorded, talking about the European Union and Europe!


« Journée de l’Europe : quel avenir pour l’UE ? » France 24

Watch to a debate in French about the future of the European Union!


More news and activities on the facebook page “Fête de l’Europe Paris”


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