Victory in Europe Day


On that special date, Victory in Europe Day, marking the end of World War 2 in Europe, we have prepared for you a list of articles you could read and videos you could watch... all available for free online.


Centre Juno Beach 

Discover the Canadian Memorial museum of World War 2 located in France. On that day, they put online an interview of a Canadian veteran: Norm Kirby.

Their temporary exposition is also available online, would you like to learn more about Canadians in World War 2. 


« La fausse capitulation du 8 mai 1945 », Le Point

What really happened in 1945 on May 8th? Learn more about the capitulation of Nazi Germany that day!


« 8 Mai : Fêter l’ « armistice » est un abus de langage », Le Figaro

What is the difference between a capitulation and an armistice? Between commemoration and celebration? Learn more about what V-E Day means in France.


« Que célèbre-t-on le 8 mai ? » , Gouvernement français

How May 8th became a memorial and non-working day in France? Read more about the evolution of its meaning in France.


« Cécile Rol-Tanguy, grande figure de la Résistance, est décédée » France 24

On the 75th birthday of the end of World War 2, a famous French resistance fighter who took part to Paris liberation, died. Here is an article to learn more about her fight during World War 2.


« Commémoration : comment faire vivre l’esprit du 8 Mai malgré le confinement ? » France 24

How to commemorate the VE Day in France while being confined? This article tells about the reactions of the memorial associations that were supposed to organise events on that day, and what they did instead.


« La mémoire de 1945 au service de la lutte contre le coronavirus » Radio Canada

How was VE Day commemorated around the world? Read this article to find out.



« Une cérémonie du 8 Mai en format restreint pour Emmanuel Macron en raison de la pandémie »

How was the V-E Day commemorated in France this year? What is commemorated? Have you heard about the first commemoration in Germany on that day? It happened in Berlin. For those who prefer watching and listening than reading…


« La victoire finale (8 mai 1945) »

A bit of history… For those who wish to be reminded of the historical facts around the V-E Day and how the Allies got there. A documentary of an hour long.



« La vie quotidienne des enfants sous l’Occupation », Les grandes grandes vacances

A game for your kids to discover World War 2 in the eyes of French children under the occupation.



In Algeria

« Algérie : une « Journée de la mémoire » pour les massacres du 8 mai 1945 »

May 8th has a totally different understanding in Algeria, but since this year is also considered as a memorial day for colonial crimes that happened on May 8th 1945. Find more about this event with this article.


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