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You want to keep up on French and in the same time want to follow up what is going on around the world? Then read your news in French!
Try  out the French articles listed below. 

Art museums – « Culture: le Centre Pompidou a créé son jeu vidéo »

Discover the modern art pieces of Centre Pompidou in Paris, through the video game the museum created!


Music – « Pamela Badjogo, une voix et une musique contre les violences conjugales »

Learn about this Gabonese female singer and her fight against gender discrimination and violence against women. The artist currently confined in France has released a song in French on that subject.


Series and religion – « Pourquoi le rabbin d’ « Unorthodox » a quitté la communauté hassidique »

Maybe you’ve heard about this series on Netflix (Unorthodox). If you haven’t, this is the occasion to discover it. One of the actors tells about the series, his true life experience in an ultra-orthodox community, how he decided to leave it and his relationships with his family now.

Literature – « Juste au-dessous du silence. Poèmes et révolte d’Algérie »

This is the perfect article for you to learn more about France and Algeria common past, while discovering an unknown author, a forgotten poetess, who has just been published.


Literature – « Décès du romancier français Georges-Jean Arnaud, l’homme aux plus de 400 livres »

A French novellist has just died. Well, this is a perfect time to re-discover who he was and what he has written. He was a science-fiction writer of more than 400 books!


Art museum – « De l’artisan annoyme à l’artiste célèbre »

You have free time? Wish to visit the Louvre? The museum has prepared a virtual exposition available online on its website. It is about the evolution of the status of artists. And here is an article that gives you the taste of this exposition, presenting what this is all about!

Literature – « J’ai appris de la révolution soudanaise que l’art joue un rôle extrêmement important pour catalyser les changements »

This is an interview of an English-Sudanese artist who uses “magical realism” a cultural movement that expresses everyday life and reality through magic, to explore UK’s and Sudan’s past, present and future.


Culture and society – « Penser Afropea »

If you want to learn more about the black identities in Europe, this is the article for you! It discusses the movement “afropea” that wants to reinvent a common culture between Europe and African, based on the people of African descent living in Europe. The goal is also to re-examin European history within its colonial context and to see how its relations with Africa influenced the construction of national identities and histories. A complex but interesting article.

Cinema – « Coronavirus: faute de festival de cinéma, Cannes, Venise et Berlin organisent un événement sur youtube »

Good news ! Most of the world’s films festivals have been cancelled this year, but some of them have decided to work together to organise a Film festival online from May 29th to June 7th. Learn more about it.


Books – « Orphelins, Astérix et Obélix seront pourtant de retour cet automne »

Though the famous comic series has lost its two creators, a new comic should be released next October, based on an old story that was never edited!


Opera – « Un concert exceptionnel réunit les stars de l’opéra en direct de chez elles »

As everything now migrates online, so does the opera! The Metropolitan Opera of New York has set up a date for a live concert with stars from all over the world!


History – « 1949-l’opposition française à la création de l’OTAN »

When NATO was created, all parties were not convinced of the interest of such an alliance. Especially not in France. As you might have seen in our previous selection, Retronews is a special website that publishes articles that have been written long ago. Get a glimpse of the French reactions to the Treaty in 1949 in the press.

Caricature – "ODIA ou le dessin comme témoin"

An article about the development of caricature in Senegal medias, its quality as a political way of expression and as art. For a long time absent of the media stage, it is a brand new political art in Senegal. A long but complete article on the subject.


History – "Arthur Chevallier – Napoléon, le plus grand des confinés"

At a time when we are all stuck at home, this article reminds us of a huge French figure who lived confined too for a few years. He used this time to write his memories, making himself a famous State man and one of the favourite historical personalities of French people, from a great general and war leader. Discover another vision of Napoléon!

French language
– "Etymologie insolite des noms d’animaux"

This article is a fun way to learn more French vocabulary and more about French culture, since it explains where do the French word for animals come from. Fun facts!


French literature – "Une sélection de fictions jeunesse à écouter de 6 à 16 ans (et plus)"

Here is a huge list of books, novels and comics, that have been adapted in theatres and registered. They are all available online and for most of them, they are classical children and youth literature. Obviously, Astérix and Obélix or Tintin are not only for kids, though they are on the list, so don’t hesitate to take a look even if you are more than 16!


History – "1862, début de la fin de l’esclavage aux Etats-Unis"

As you might have seen in our previous selection, Retronews is a special website that publishes articles that have been written long ago. It allows us to discover how historical events were seen at the time they happened. This one takes various excerpts of French articles at the time slavery in the US was starting to be illegal.

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