Suggestion of French news

You want to keep up on French and in the same time want to follow up what is going on around the world? Then read your news in French!
Try  out the French articles listed below. 

Some of those articles are available on Culturethèque, the biggest French e-Library, otherwise you can also find them on diverse websites.

Kids’ newsLe Petit Quotidien “Les jeux olympiques de Tokyo 2020 auront lieu pendant l’été… 2021"

A newspaper designed for kids from 7 to 10 years old. Today, the subject is Japan. It is the occasion for your child to learn more about this country.

(Available on Culturethèque


Culture’s history – “Après-guerre, les « pin-up » provoquent la répulsion des journaux progressistes"

If you want to have access to old newspaper, to discover how France used to see the world, then this website is perfect for you. There, you can find articles from the 19th and 20th century, commented by historians. Today, we suggest you an article about the history of the “pin-up” culture, from the US to France and what the reactions of the journalists were.

(Available on Retronews

To have access to Culturethèque follow the link: 

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