Suggestion of French books

You want to keep up on French-speaking cultures and French language? Then try out the books listed below and let yourself get absorbed by the magical world of literature.

All of those books are available on Culturethèque, the biggest French e-Library.

Teens' novelSans foi ni loi by Marion Brunet

This is the story of a young boy captured by a woman who will make him discover the world and free him from his violent home.


Graphic NovelAu revoir là-haut by Pierre Lemaître and Christian De Metter

Discover the story of two ex-fighters during World War 1 in France and the mental and social situation of ex-fighters in France in 1919 after the end of the war.


NovelLe Monde n’existe pas by Fabrice Humbert

This story begins when Adam finds out a fugitive who has been accused of killing a young woman is his High school hero and friend, Ethan. He can’t believe this is the right man and tries to find proofs of what he believes. But while discovering the past of Ethan he questions his beliefs in his old friend.


Classical literature – Marivaux’s plays

Marivaux is a French writer of the 18th century known for his witted plays, love stories with a lot of misunderstandings between his strong-headed characters who happen to have a great deal of pride… One of his most famous play is Le jeu de l’amour et du hasard.

His plays are available for free online, for example on this website:

Kids’ albumLe cerf aux bois d’argent by Mani and Gabrielle Richard

This is the story of a deer who used to have silver antlers and therefor thought to be more important than his fellows. One day, the other deers decided to give him a lesson and abandoned him in the middle of a strange forest. It was the start of a weird adventure.

Available on Culturethèque (


Teens’ comicAyati by Sandra Violeau and Fabien Fernandez

The story takes place in an ancient mythological India, where a little orphan becomes a kind of super-hero chosen to prevent a demon to feed from the creativity of young princesses. Lovely pictures, a hopeful and magical story, everything to make you enjoy this comic.

Available on Culturethèque (


NovelNoire précieuse by Asia Djoulaït

Céleste is a little girl who lives in Paris with her mother. Her mother, who comes from Ivory Cast and migrated in France, has several black beauty shops. They all look very nice, but she doesn’t really know which kind of products her mother sells. Until one day, when she is ten, she wants to try one of the products and her mother gets mad. She discovers what depigmentation is. A novel that reveals us the Paris of black, especially Ivorian, communities.

Available on Culturethèque (

Classic Literature
– Jules Verne

Does the name Jules Verne ring a bell? Have you heard about Journey to the center of the Earth or 20 000 Leagues under the Sea? Well, that’s it. Jules Verne, the famous science-fiction French writer from the 19th and 20th century. You want to learn more on his personality, his way of writing histories? Then you should check out the 1873 interview of him by a still existing newspaper, Le Figaro. (Available on Retronews). Then you might give a try at reading one of his book in French, for example Le Tour du monde en quatre-vingt jour, that tells the story of a man who decides to travel around the world in 80 days. (Available on Culturethèque)



Teenages’ novelTout doit disparaître by Mikaël Ollivier

This is the story of Hugo who moves from France to another part of France at the other side of Earth: Mayotte not far from Madagascar. His life is going to change radically, and he tries to find a sense to all the differences he lives between these two worlds.

(Available on Culturethèque


Kids’ albumMoi, j’attendais la pluie by Véronique Vernette

A colourful and nice story to listen, read and look at. It is the narrative of a little girl who observes all day around her what people do nearby while waiting for the rain to fall.

(Available on Culturethèque

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