Suggestion of French news

You want to keep up on French and in the same time want to follow up what is going on around the world? Then read your news in French!
Try  out the French articles listed below. 

Music – "P’tit Belliveau rend le monde un peu plus happy"

If you want to read about French Canadian music and in the same time listen to it, then this article is perfect for you. With it, we discover a band from Nova Scotia, singing in French, with a sense of humour and ideas it defends while singing.


Literature – "Les lauréates du Prix des Rendez-vous du premier roman dévoilées"

Here’s your chance to discover a French-Canadian literature contest that allows French to come visit their fans in Canada and Quebecois to go visit their fans in France! You will also discover a few French-speaking authors, to help you prepare a reading list…

Arts - "Six expositions à visiter depuis son canapé"

The best of arts exhibitions currently in Paris… online. The museums are yet closed in France so this newspaper has decided to do a review of the most famous or most surprising pieces of arts that should normally be exposed and visible to the public in Paris.

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