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You want to keep up on French and in the same time want to follow up what is going on around the world? Then read your news in French!
Try  out the French articles listed below. 

Literature - "Albert Uderzo, le dessinateur d’Astérix et Obélix est décédé"

"Albert Uderzo, père d’Astérix et Obélix mort à 92 ans, raconté en huit planches cultes"

The French cartoonist of Astérix and Obélix is dead. On that occasion, a few articles about the creation of his world-famous Bande-dessinée, his meeting with its coauthor René Goscinny and his talent have been written.

If you’re more interested in his life and complicity with René Goscinny, then you should read the article of France24. If you wish to have a review of his work on Astérix, then you should read the article of Le Monde with excerpts of a few albums.


Music – "Mort du saxophoniste Manu Dibango, qui a succombé au Covid-19"

Another big artist has died: Manu Dibango. Learn more on his life, his career, his influence on musicians and singers and the reactions after his death in his own country – Cameroun – and world-wide.


History – "Le chef de guerre viking était une femme, sur RMC Découverte"

This article is about a documentary that follows a scientific investigation lasting for more than a hundred years, proving that a Viking skeleton found in a grave was indeed a woman war chief!

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