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You want to keep up on French and in the same time want to follow up what is going on around the world? Then read your news in French!
Try  out the French articles listed below. 

Some of those articles are available on Culturethèque, the biggest French e-Library, otherwise you can also find them on diverse websites.

News for teensMon Quotidien

Do you want your kid to keep up on what is happening currently around the world? Do you want him to have a glimpse of the French news? Then this newspaper designed for teens (10-13 years old) is made for him. It’s only a few pages.

(Available on Culturethèque, at

Culture Interview
– "Virginie Efira, L’hyper-actrice"

Do you want to learn more about a current French actress? Discover more French movies and TV-shows? Then read this interview of Virginie Efira in the magazine Elle of March the 20th (N°3874).

(Available on Culturethèque, at

World Francophonie – "Les boulistes d’Addis-Abeba, héritage d’un passé franco-éthiopien en péril"

Yesterday – March 20th – was the international day of Francophonie. On that occasion, Le Monde, a French newspaper, has published an article about the state of francophonie in Ethiopia, focusing on one special place: the old railwaymen’s bowling alley.

(Available on the website for free, at


Francophonie Alberta – "Une histoire autochtone fait lire les Calgariens en français"

Do you want to read about local news but still want to hear about Francophonie and French? Then Le Franco is just what you need! Read more about a Native-French book currently being sold in Calgary.

(Available on the website for free, at

To have access to Culturethèque follow the link: 

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