Suggestion of French movies and TV-shows

You want to keep up on French-speaking cultures and French language? Then try out the French movies and TV-shows listed below. 

Some of those suggestions are available on Culturethèque, the biggest French e-Library, otherwise you can also find them on streaming platforms.

Mini Science-show for kids
Les Sépas

Want your kid to start learning about Earth, gravitation and so on? Do you want your kid to keep hearing and improving his comprehension of French? Then try out this mini web-series – each episode only last three minutes!

(Available on Culturethèque)


Illustrated and acoustic book Le cheval magique de Han Gan

You want your kid to read a French book but can’t read it yourself and neither can he? Then enjoy a poetic, colourful and acoustic book about a little boy that loved drawing and painting in ancient China.

(Available on Culturethèque)


Kid’s movie Le Petit Prince

Have your children already heard about the story of “Le petit prince”? If not, this is a great movie to make them discover it. It doesn’t tell the story like it has been written but it takes the point of view of a little girl who discovers his story during summer vacation. She will try to change the end of the story with her old neighbour, whom she becomes befriended to…

A powerful, moving and poetic animated movie.


Documentary film Nigeria: cultiver la paix

Do you want to learn more about farewell cultures? Economics? Then you might as well do it in French, with this documentary following individuals fighting for a new kind of economy in Nigeria. 

(Available on the free TV-platform, a European platform)

To have access to Culturethèque follow the link: 

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