Suggestion of French tunes

You want to keep up on French-speaking cultures? Then try out the French music listed below. 

Some of those artists and Cds are available on Culturethèque, the biggest French e-Library, otherwise you can also find them on the music streaming platforms.

World Music
Soleil Kréyol de David Walters

David Walters was born in Paris from a French Caribbean mother and an English-speaking father from Saint-Kitts-and-Nevis (Caribbean island). He has opened the concerts of famous artists such as Lenny Kravitz or David Bowie and travelled around the world for the French TV-show “Les Nouveaux Explorateurs” (The new Explorers) to discover the diversity of cultures and music in Africa, Asia or South America. Soleil Kreyol is his third album.

If you want to open to new cultures and lighten your day, you should definitely listen to it! (Available on Culturethèque)

French jazz Vive la France de Das Kapital

Das Kapital is a European group composed of three musicians coming from France, Denmark and Germany and living in France. They have been doing music and touring for 16 years. About this album, they say on their website “VIVE LA FRANCE is a tribute by three European musicians to their country of residence. A tribute dedicated to the history of France and its cultural grandeur.
France is a country of poets, of literature, a country of lovers of words, a country of explorers in the realms of imagination. France is also a country of great composers”.

If you want to have a moment of calm in your day or if you need some music to stay focused on your work, then you should try it! (Available on Culturethèque)

Instrumental Hip-hop

Amal is a 2016 compilation of hits of French beatmakers for a charity called “A Syrian dream”. (Available on Culturethèque)

French pop

Louane is a young French singer, whose last album was named … Louane. She has been known through the French Tv-show The Voice and the French movie La famille Bélier (The Bélier Family). If you want to discover a young French pop artist, then you might want to listen to her.

To have access to Culturethèque follow the link: 

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