Perfume masterclass

« Tell me which perfume you wear and I will tell you who you are … »  

🌹 Do you know what your perfume says about you? 🌹

On Saturday April 24th at 1 p.m., join Anastasia Sokolow, founder of la Maison Sulékó and member of the French Society of Perfumers, from her Parisian showroom, as she reveals the mysterious language of scents.

Participants will receive a luxury perfume kit with 12 scents (see opposite picture) 

Anastasia will take you on a journey punctuated by olfactory discoveries, poetry and art.

She will show you the process of creation and the steps of the composition of a perfume, respecting a centuries-old French savoir-faire. You will explore the universe of aromas through 12 exceptional scent ingredients, learn about their origin and their extraction mode.

This workshop will help you refine your sense of smell and determine, which perfume truly matches your personality and your state of mind.

During this masterclass, you will also discover the art of porcelain and the exceptional savoir-faire of the artists with whom the perfumers collaborated for the creation of the Bottles-Sculptures Sulékó.

IMPORTANT : Registrations end on Friday, April 23rd
, so we have time to send you the luxury kits. 
20 participants maximum. Masterclass will be in English and last 2 hours

Price includes: 1 attendee + 1 guest + 1 luxury kit to be used for 2 people (in same room). 
Members: $40 - Non-members: $75

Anastasia Sokolow

The secret and mysterious world of perfume was unveiled to her at Yves Saint Laurent Beauté. This was the beginning of a great passion. She then followed high level trainings at the Higher International Institute of Perfume, Cosmetics, and Food Flavouring (ISIPCA) and studied the great classics of French Haute Parfumerie, preserved by the Osmothèque Conservatory of Perfumes; she immersed herself in this magical world of top-level expertise. Today, as a member of the French Society of Perfumers, she wishes to share her passion and make the choice of a perfume, an experience which awakens the senses and is much more than an encounter: a thunderbolt, a feeling of rediscovering oneself.
She is of Russian descent and was enchanted by Russia throughout her childhood and adolescence. The wonderful aromas of the dishes cooked by her grandmothers lit up their parties; the stories they read transported her to the heart of this country, where omnipotent nature guides the heroes. Russian culture as a whole is marked by wonder.
These are the memories that inspire her perfumes today. Fragrances created in France (Grasse), inspired by Russia: emotive perfumes designed for the world.

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