Il était une fois demain...

Once upon a time tomorrow...

Discover the exhibition by French photographer Chris Morin-Eitner from May 17th to June 15th at cSPACE (same level as Alliance Française).

Description - At the dawn of the 21st century, following an event of an unknown nature, humanity slipped away from the great capitals, little by little allowing nature to regain its rights and give birth to a new world (in the same way it happened in Angkor, Cambodia).

At a time when the main issue has become ecology, climate change, the future of the planet and basically above all our future, and aware of the transient and perishable nature of any human enterprise, the artist wondered how all these big cities, all these “super showcase” buildings of our time competing with their excess could evolve in the future.

What will become of these urban spaces, these megacities, "megalopolises", these civilizations today at the top, but undoubtedly doomed one day to disappear, like those of the Mayas or the Khmers?

It is in no way an apocalyptic vision, but quite the contrary of a world that the artist imagines full of life: a sort of garden of Eden rediscovered, full of colors, shapes, and poetry where the order of right angles and open spaces is supplanted by the exuberance of nature, which grows in the most unexpected directions.

It is a history of the city revisited in a green, ecological, Angkorian way.

Chris Morin-Eitner

Photographer, designer, visionary.

"Fruit of the Franco-German reconciliation, conceived in a field of Flower Power during the Summer of Love, born just before the beautiful month of May 68, I am a child of peace, a child of rock. »

Chris Morin-Eitner is a plastic photographer. After obtaining his degree in architecture, he quickly turned to photography and became interested in many social phenomena that he staged: information, communication, censorship, ecology and in particular that of the impact of human behavior on our planet.

And it was through his series "Once upon a time tomorrow" started in 2015 that he drew our attention to the fact that nature could regain its rights that man has taken away from it.

All his iconic photos of great capitals are his vision. What would happen if Man disappeared from our planet and if Nature regained its rights? He denounces the vanity of wanting to build ever higher, bigger.

It is through his photographs, sorts of Garden of Eden restored, where nature, animals invade these capitals that he pushes us to the underlying reflection of the reconciliation of Man and Nature.

This series has been regularly exhibited since 2015 as part of Cop 21, then in London, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Paris.