Jeter de la Poudre aux Yeux

by Pamma FitzGerald

A unique exploration of La Grande Guerre

Jeter de la Poudre aux Yeux stems from my own family’s stories. It was built from a foundation of cultural awareness and history of two countries, two continents and one hundred years of passed time. It resonates with us all.

As a mixed-media visual artist, a deep-seated curiosity fuels my work. I continually search for conflict reconciliation, to closely examine pain and its cause. My focus is always on the individual, not the statistics, because the art itself is shaped by individual stories - often those passed down through families.

I have created a body of work that explores one aspect of the First World War: how naive and romantic imagery on millions of French postcards sent to and from soldiers whitewashed what was actually happening in battle.  I spend time in France and vestiges of war are everywhere. War memorials abound and the artifacts show up in flea markets, antique shops and in conversation with elders – everybody has a story. - Pamma FitzGerald

Jeter de la Poudre aux Yeux (English equivalent: pulling the wool over one’s eyes) consists of ten large two-dimensional collage/drawings on paper and eight ceramic/collage wall pieces, offering a fresh way of looking at the content of the original correspondence. Access to the exhibition is FREE and available until November 30th.

Pamma FitzGerald

Pamma FitzGerald is a mixed media artist whose work often addresses suffering.  She immerses herself in heart rending stories of war and conflict that leave permanent scars on individuals and families, real or fictional.  Pamma has deep empathy for lives lost and forgotten amongst the numbing statistics of war and tragedy.

With emphasis on drawing and working in clay, Pamma imparts a subtle social commentary about the futility of man’s unkindness to fellow man. She regularly collaborates with other artists, including poets.

These types of projects extend Pamma’s vision of clay as a medium that doesn’t need to exist solely in the realm of utility.  She likes to move from the table to the wall and back again.

Currently she is developing a mixed-media exhibition scheduled for 2022 in southern France focusing on how French postcards produced during the First World War romanticized and whitewashed what was actually happening on the front lines.

With a need to escape from these sombre subjects from time to time, Pamma has also just finished designing a large ceramic wall game called XOXO – made of dinner plates.

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