La fascination du passage

What lies beyond?

Discover the exhibition by talented French photographer Alexandra Laurent Le Passage from January 4th to January 31st at cSPACE.

Native of Burgundy, Alexandra Laurent shares her passion for photography in subtle shots that evoke the passage of both time and space.

Modesty photographer

Her photographic approach is always based on a search for sobriety. Whether it is a monument or a landscape, Alexandra captures the space with modesty, the photographer remaining in the background, like a guest who casts a discreet gaze on the scene. Her lens naturally turns to simple objects or everyday places taken in an instant transcended by a play of light and shadow.

The search for silence

Alexandra's photographs rarely highlight people, places revealing their beauty in a dehumanized context where silence takes over the scene. She is fascinated by deserted places that offer to the viewer a feeling of tranquillity through lines and curves receding towards the horizon. It is only in this context that we discover how sublime and mystical each scene is.

The fascination of the passage

A recurring theme in her work is the passage. Through a path, a corridor, a staircase or a window, Alexandra makes us think about the promise of the unknown. Each photograph is an invitation to consider what lies beyond this passage. The passage is also understood as the passing of time and its effects on the scene.

Instagram: @alecs.laurent

Photographs of the exhibitions are for sale

Purchase your favorite photographs from the exhibition for $80 to $120 (depending on size). Contact the Alliance Française of Calgary office at 403 245 5662 for more information. Reserve your choice now as some pictures are already sold.