Circus in French

Explore the Circus Word in French! 

Join us on Saturday, December 9th, at 4 p.m, for an exceptional experience as you discover the joys of the circus! Anne-Marie, from Green Fools, will guide your kid in the discovery of the different circus activities and will help you progress in French. 

On the program: juggle, diabolo, sun plates, walking barrel, slack line, ... A perfect opportunity for you to share a fun and sporting moment while practicing your French!

This exciting event will be held at the Alliance Française of Calgary from 4:00 p.m to 5:00 p.m. It is open to children aged 6 to 14. If you're over 15 and eager to participate, please click here.

AFC Members: $20 / Non-members: $35..
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I acknowledge that Green Fools and Alliance Française of Calgary assumes no liability for any loss, damage, or injury I or my property might sustain during these activities. This includes risks that arise from the negligence or other faults of Green Fools and Alliance Française of Calgary and its agents or employees.

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