Olivier de Spiegeleir

An exceptional recital about Debussy

An unprecedented concert

On Sunday, March 25th at 8PM, we are thrilled to welcome Olivier de Spiegeleir, the famous Belgian classical pianist, for a unique concert on the exact day of the centenary of Debussy's death. This 1-hour concert will be held at cSPACE Studio Theatre.

More than an artist

Besides playing Debussy's music, Olivier de Spiegeleir brilliantly comments - in English - on the pieces he "revives". No erudite speeches nor scholar discourse, just a few simple words, from the heart, with poetic emotion to tell the story of the artist and his pieces.

Olivier de Spiegeleir studied in Brussels and in Paris. After multiple international awards, a concert for the royal family of Belgium and 7 recorded albums, he is now famous for his "commented recitals" which have been met with unanimous, worldwide success!

The pianist connects with the audience and immerse the listeners in the music and the poetic world of piano classical music. The artist is also a teacher and uses different medias to touch the audience.

Make sure to register in advance using the link below.
Ticket: $35.
AFC members: $25.


For more info, feel free to contact Hélène!

Special thanks to Steinway Calgary for their support
and for letting us use their beautiful piano
and to McLeod Law, the French Consular Agency and Roy Klassen
for their financial support.

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