Book Club

Rhinocéros, Eugène Ionesco   

On October 18th at 5.30pm, come to our Book Club at cSPACE! This month, discover the play Rhinocéros from French-Romanian writer Eugène Ionesco and discuss it in French!

Strange things are happening in Bérenger's town. All over the city, people are changing into rhinoceros. At first, Bérenger and his friends are revolted: no person in his right mind should turn into such a brutal and ignorant animal ! But as the epidemic becomes more and more widespread, doubt takes over the group of friends: Were they to quick at condemning the rhinoceros? Should they do like everybody else and become rhinoceros as well?

A classic of French literature and absurd theatre, written in 1959 by an author who lived through the Second World War, Rhinocéros tackles the issues of extremism, conformism and resistance. A must-read still in touch with contemporary concerns.


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Please read the book before attending. Note that the book club will open with 3 or more students!

If you can't find a copy, you can go to our partner Owl's Nest Books in Brittania (SW) to order one. You'll have 10% discount on the book when you show your membership card!

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