Literature Class: Bel-Ami by Maupassant

The Alliance Française presents to you its new Literature Class!
With our teacher Donia, come discover all the hidden meanings and secrets behind the best French books.
On February, we will discuss "Bel-Ami", considered as Maupassant's greatest novel.

Here is a summary of this still modern story :

Bel-Ami (1885) is the story of a ruthlessly ambitious young man (Georges Duroy, christened 'Bel-Ami' by his female admirers) making it to the top in fin-de-siecle Paris. It is a novel about money, sex, and power, set against the background of the politics of the French colonization of North Africa. It explores the dynamics of an urban society uncomfortably close to our own and is a devastating satire of the sleaziness of contemporary journalism.

The classes will take place on February 11th, 18th and 25th, from 1.45 to 3.45pm, for a total of 6 hours.
You have to have at least a B2 level to take the class.

Please read the novel before attending the class.

The cost for the three classes is $120.

To register, click here.

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