Book Club

La Création du monde, Jean d'Ormesson

On Wednesday February 21st at 5:30pm, join us for our Book Club at cSPACE! Discover the novel La Création du monde by Jean d'Ormesson! This will be the occasion to discover or re-discover this famous French writer and member of the Académie Française who just passed away.

Four old friends spend a week of holidays together on a Mediterranean island. One of them, Edgar, brought with him an intriguing manuscript that he was sent. He asks his friends to read it with him, in order to get their opinion. This triggers oppositions, reflections and debates among the four friends.

Most of the topics discussed in this novel are typical of d'Ormesson's work and interrogations: love, religion, friendship, and life itself!


This is a FREE activity (level B1 minimum).
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Please read the book before attending. Note that the book club will open with 3 or more students!

You can order a copy of the book at our partner Owl's Nest Books in Brittania (SW). You'll have a 10% discount when you show your AF membership card!

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