What is it?

The Diplôme d'études en langue Française (DELF) is the only official diploma awarded by the French government to certify foreign candidates proficiency in French. Learn more HERE.

What is it good for ?

- certify a level of proficiency for an employer,
- enter a post-secondary institution (ex: French-speaking universities require the DELF B2 to register),
- taking up a new challenge,
- know for yourself what is your level of French (and feel good about it!)

How often do you organize a session?

6 times a year. Dates + information for registrations below.
- 3 general sessions (HERE)
- 3 junior sessions for the brave students between the age of 7 and 17 (HERE)


Now, to get ready, you have 2 options:

Prepare yourself with an official book (sold by AFC) on your own or with a private tutor!

Enrol in one of our preparation classes!
From September to October, just in time
for the November exam session!

4 classes of 2 hours. See details below!

Préparation DELF B1

Préparation DELF B2


If you have any questions regarding our DELF exams or classes,
do not hesitate to contact us at  403-245-5662 or at   info@afcalgary.ca!

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