Memories of a Holocaust Survivor

On April 5th at 6PM,
listen to Muguette Myers at the Alliance Française and ask her questions!

A discussion will be held in French after the presentation of her book Where Courage Lives which depicts her childhood during WWII.

SYNOPSIS: In 1942, in the village of Champlost, France, ten-year-old Muguette Szpajzer finds solace from the war. As her mother risks living in a Paris swarming with Nazis, the mayor of Champlost rips up letters of denunciation and the priest gives Muguette a new Catholic name, Marie. Sheltered by the kindness of the townspeople, Muguette delights in her new surroundings, filling her days by learning to ride a bike, recite catechism and adapt to rural life.

Level required: B1+ minimum.

This is a FREE event and will take place at our location downtown
(#108, 240-4th Avenue SW)

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Do not hesitate to contact Hélène for more info!

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