Café PoLitique

Let's talk about the pipeline!

On TuesdayJune 26th at 6PM, come at AFC @ cSPACE to discover a new interactive activity: the Café Politique! Debate en français, after a short introduction, about a hot topic! 

Since 2013, the project of the expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline has deeply divided Alberta and British-Columbia. The conflict took a major turn in 2016 when challenges have been filed by different municipalities in BC despite the approval of the federal government. The relation has worsened when Alberta introduced a law that could effectively ban the export of Alberta gas to BC.

This is a great opportunity to test your critical thinking in French while debating hot topics!

This is a FREE activity.  Level: B1 minimum


It is important for us to know how many people are attending our events so that we can prepare them appropriately. Thank you for your understanding!

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