You can always dream!

On Tuesday, April 9th at 4PM, discover a popular children's show in French
"Tu peux toujours rêver !" : A funny tale on friendship with furiously catchy songs.
It will be impossible not to dance! 

Jean-Mou, 7 "and a quarter" years old, is a very shy and sensitive child, with an exemplary behaviour. As happens every year, he is spending his summer holidays at his grand-mother's. Jean-Fou, "a quarter to 8" years old, is adventurous, boisterous and mischievous. He just moved in the house next door with his parents. 
The two boys, despite their opposite personalities, soon become the best of friends through their shared adventures and fantasies, full of surprises and funny characters. In this musical journey, let's share their emotions and adventures between dream and reality... for the time of a summer

The artists:
Alex Toucourt
 (featuring Jean-Fou): song, guitar, ukulele, bass, drums, beat box
Julien M’a Dit (featuring Jean-Mou): song, banjo, accordeon, clarinet, glockenspiel, beat box

This event takes place at Cité des Rocheuses - 4800 Richard Rd SW, Calgary.
Lenght: 45 minutes

Ticket: $5 members (promo code: AFC2019) - $10 non-members


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