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A1 initial - Level 1

Preschoolers Level 1 Part 3

Pre-schoolers classes

This course is for preschoolers who have never learnt French before, providing them with an opportunity to be introduced to the French language! Children will learn a range of vocabulary and language structures in French, through fun and interactive activities like songs and games.

Material used: Clémentine 1, units 5 & 6.

Pace: 12 hours or 10 hours for small groups (5 students or less)

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Code: 2022SC Preschool FRI 4:00-5:00
With a regular group (6 students or more), there will be 12 classes (12 hours). With a small group (4 or 5 students), there will be 10 classes (10 hours) and the last 2 classes will be cancelled. The course will not open if less than 4 students register.

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