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B2 - Part 2

In this class, students will enhance their ability to communicate in French, learning to:

  • Talk about art, its genres and role
  • Express a change of opinion
  • Understanding radio programs
  • Analyse a document
  • Talk about stereotypes and expectations
  • Express feelings and emotions

We will also focus on practicing grammar, specifically:

  • Structures to express cause and consequence
  • Expressions with tel, telle, tels, tells
  • Conditions:  à moins que, du moment que, tant que, pourvu que…
  • Conclusions and concessions: après tout, en fait, enfin, au bout du compte…
  • Temporary present: pour l’instant, pour le moment, en attendant, jusqu’ici…

Required Course Material
  • À Plus B2 - Textbook + Workbook ($70.00 CAD)
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